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Page Author: Ciarán Hughes QFA

why ethical investing

Most traditional funds invest in negative industries like tobacco, weapons, and fossil fuels​​ without considering the environmental or social consequences 

of their investments.

Ethical funds remove the negative and invest in positive companies, while carefully evaluating environmental and social impacts in generating returns.

Historically, ethical funds have performed as well as, or better than, traditional funds. Ethical screening has been shown reduce risk in funds over time*.

*All reference and supporting material are available on request - contact

why ethico

Ethico is an ethical investment company that gives you a better way to manage your finances.


Ethico offers sustainable investment solutions that promote positive social and environmental outcomes, while also working hard to deliver returns.​

We are all more aware than ever of issues affecting our environment and society. We believe ethical investing is better for clients, companies, and the world.


How it works

Ethical fund managers select your investments by 

  • Removing negative companies
  • Focusing on positive companies
  • Working with the rest to improve

By screening out companies with negative environmental and social side-effects, fund managers can focus on creating a profitable portfolio, built with positive companies.


Fund managers will maximise your shareholder voting rights to encourage companies to make decisions which deliver returns and positive social outcomes. 


 Sean Boland DBC


We have just used Ethico for pension advice for staff, and for some of us to personally ethically invest money longer term. I found Ciarán exceptionally well informed and so straight-forward in setting up all of this. Their rates are extremely low as well and the packages on offer are top-class in the Irish market.

I can, without any hesitation, recommend Ciarán and Ethico as a Broker for you personally or for your company.


I spoke with a lovely lady called Christina. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional and would not hesitate to ask her advice going forward.


She totally put me at ease and even though it was a preliminary request that I had she suggested the best course of action for me to take and was not at all pushy. I would not hesitate to contact her again.


The Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) and Sustainability Works were both looking for a pension adviser at the same time. Ethico ticked all our boxes and more - providing independent expert advice on all financial aspects and demystifying the ESG aspects also. One particular advantage is the access to the Ethico team for one 2 one onboarding and advice - they have a great hands on approach - which is always important when negotiating the pensions landscape!

We work with


Things to consider

Competitive returns

 Over the long term, ethical funds have matched or  out-performed traditional funds*

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$30 trillion invested

Globally, ethical funds have grown exponentially in popularity over the last number of years*

Switching or starting  is easy

At ethico we advise our clients on the best way forward and then help to facilitate any changes

*All reference and supporting material are available on request - contact

Real world outcomes

Ethical and impact investing can have positive real world effects

Unlike traditional funds, which are solely driven by profit motive at all costs, ethical and impact funds work to secure your financial future without compromising your ethical values. 

Environmental, social, and governance metrics are used to include or exclude companies in the funds we recommend.

This allows you to plan for your future in the knowledge that your savings are working hard to deliver without compromise. 


Remove bad apples

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