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As financial advisors, first we assess your existing situation and your future goals. Impartially evaluating where you are, sets the foundations for a sound financial plan. 

Next, we advise on the best way forward. This may include planning for retirement, analysing your savings goals, or making sure you are financially protected in the future. 

Finally, we assist you in making any necessary changes, and guide you in how to make those changes in an ethical way.

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Why Ethical investing?

We all aspire to create a financially secure future for ourselves and our families. Many people are unaware that traditional methods of investing support industries such as Tobacco, Oil and Gas, and Weapons manufacturing.


There is a better way. You can plan to achieve your goals without compromising your personal ethical values.  By screening out negative companies and focusing on positive ones, your savings can make returns matching or surpassing traditional funds.


A collective movement can effect real change for the environment and the world. A movement is made up of many individuals making that change for good.

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Retirement Planning

Saving towards a comfortable retirement need not be complicated. Our ethico advisors can explain the available options and outcomes

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Saving for the future

Long term saving can be a challenge in a low interest rate environment. Ethical and Impact investing can help to achieve your goals and have a positive outcomes for the world.

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Protecting your family & lifestyle

Having adequate cover in place is important if the worse were to happen. Ethico advisors can shop around to get the best prices on policies like: Mortgage Protection, Life Cover, and Income Protection

Review what you have

You may have pensions, savings, or insurances and you are not sure if they are suitable, or if they match your ethical profile

The ethico process is simple and seamless. You will have a very clear understanding of what you need and why. The most frequent feedback we get is that our clients are confident in their choices going forward and they feel reassured that ethico represents their interest into the future. 


Start from scratch

You may be interested in finding out about starting a pension, saving, or insurance policy, and you would like to do so in an ethical way

Your ethico advisor will lay-out the pros, cons, and costs related to each option. We also look at the potential outcomes so you can clearly understand the long term benefits. Ethico will guide you through the set-up process and work hard for you to keep you up to date.

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