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No-pressure consultations

Protecting your family

Fundamentally, financial advice can be broken down into two main themes. 

The second is saving for the future. Whether that's for the shorter term or pension savings, managing your wealth efficiently is key to future financial stability.

The first and arguably more urgent theme, is protecting against negative things happening. Statistically some of us will fall ill and be unable to work, some others may pass away during our career or in early retirement. These unfortunate events create the what if scenarios.

If I fell ill and stopped working, could I pay my mortgage and bills?

How would my spouse and/or children manage financially if I were not around to contribute to the household budget?

Various insurance policies can be used to protect against these potential risks. 

  • Life cover policies pay out a lump sum on death.

  • Income protection pays out a replacement income if you are unable to work due to illness injury or disability. 

Your Ethico advisor can explain these concepts in more detail and build a solution for your needs and budget. 

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