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Ethical employee benefits

A better way to acquire, retain, and motivate teams 

Page Author: Ciarán Hughes QFA


why : ethical employee benefits

Improve acquisition offering

Compete with other employers for the best candidates.

Financial wellness, education, and support

Empower employees to prosper with expert advisors

Increase staff 

Reduce acquisition cost by updating your employee benefits package

Achieve sustainability goals

Group pension & corporate savings can be aligned to match goals

Reduce remuneration requests

Fulfilling and interactive 

benefit packages add more value

Promote sustainability culture

Align organisational ethos with societal aspirations of employees

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Why Ethical investing

Strive for better in a changing world
  • Corporate actions globally have externalities and some are negative​. Ethical investing seeks to divest from companies with negative practices and focus on companies with positive environmental, social, and governance track records and targets. 

  • Ethical fund managers also take an active role as custodians of shareholder voting rights. By collaborating with decision makers at large companies, positive change can be encouraged on behalf of ethical investors.


  • Ethical investing seeks to reduce risk in a portfolio by taking a proactive approach to environmental, social, or governance issues that may cause drops in value in the future. 

Why Ethico

Traditional employee benefits do not deliver as intended
  • Many traditional employee benefit packages are not fit for purpose. Low levels of service, support and education lead to employees being unaware of the value being provided to them

  • At ethico we believe that a full-service, ethical package can achieve better value for money and renew participation from your team members

  • Ethical investing is a positive concept that employees can support and discuss. It provides meaning where traditional packages are lacking

  • Whether you wish to evaluate your current employee benefits package or are considering setting up a new scheme, our ethico advisors are available to advise you on your options

Group Pensions & AVCs

Ethical funds are accessible through group pension schemes and/or group AVC plans.  Fees are comparable and returns have been shown to outperform traditional funds

Income protection

Income is many members most valuable asset. Group income protection is designed to replace income for members who fall ill and cannot work due to illness, injury, or disability

Death in service benefit

A multiple of salary is paid to the surviving dependents of a deceased member. This can be a very cost effective way of adding value to a benefits package which doesn't incur B.I.K and is deemed a cost of business

Directors Pensions

For select members who wish to hold individual executive contracts. Directors pensions can be more flexible in contributions, diversification, and retirement options

Corporate Savings

Long term corporate savings can suffer in low interest rate environments. Ethical investing can be part of a solution to diversify and the company portfolio

Executive Insurances

Co-director, partnership, and keyperson insurances are valuable policies to have in place and which are sometimes overlooked by owners and directors.

New Scheme

Explore the benefits of setting up an employee benefit package
  •  Benefits cost less to provide than pro rata pay increases

  • Improve staff acquisition and retention

  • Create an environment where employees feel more valued

  • Provide financial wellness and expert advice

  • Ethico can search the market on your behalf and present the best group options available 

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Switch in 3 easy steps

At ethico we specialise in making the switching process seamless
  • Evaluate your existing benefits package

  • Make a recommendation on the pros and cons, and where you could improve

  • Facilitate a hassle-free sign up and on-boarding process