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Ireland's only

Net-Zero Pension

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Your company pension invests in coal, oil, and gas companies. 


This contributes significantly to global warming and climate change every year. It forms part of your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol: Scope 3 Category 15 (Investments) emissions and should be considered when calculating your organisation's overall carbon reporting. 

There are solutions available, but first: use the calculator below to estimate the negative impacts of your pension. 

Group pension carbon calculator

This can be reduced to net-zero

How is this calculated?

When you pay into a pension, you are investing in company shares to make a return for your retirement. You become a shareholder or part-owner of these companies. The activities of these companies contribute to climate change. Most traditional pensions invest in high carbon industries like coal, oil, gas, and mining - as well as other undesirable industries like tobacco and weapons. We calculate the carbon output of pensions in order to assess their impact and find better alternatives.  

So you'd prefer not to invest in fossil fuel, tobacco, or weapons companies? What is the solution?

Ethico has partnered with Aviva, Standard Life and other providers to offer Ireland's only Net-zero pension. It is now possible to save for your future in a sustainable way. We believe that, given the choice, the people in your organisation would prefer an ethically managed pension fund that does not contribute to climate change. We provide the best pension now for the best future outcomes.​

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How are we better?

  • Sustainability: Your current pension is invested in traditional funds. These funds contribute significantly to climate change. Ethico offers Ireland's only net-zero pension. Our funds remove negative industries like coal, oil, and gas in order to reduce the carbon output. Any carbon remaining in the fund is then fully offset to allow our investors to save for their future in a sustainable way. Net-zero is achievable, affordable, and accessible now - so don't wait until 2050.  

  • Best Practice: Your current pension invests in various types of companies to make a return. This means you actively own and support tobacco and weapon companies - as well as others that you'd likely be uncomfortable with. Ethico pensions are different. We provide ethical funds which remove the negative industries, add in positive industries, and work with the rest to improve on their E.S.G metrics (Environmental, Social, & Governance). This aspect is slightly more complex but well worth exploring for your organisation, particularly from a brand alignment perspective. 

  • Service: Most people in your organisation do not fully understand or value the employee benefits they receive. This is the result of low-service and a lack of education to members from exisiting providers. If good employee benefits are intended to improve staff retention, most existing schemes fail miserably. This is where we really shine! Ethico is a full-service provider.

We individually on-board every member to ensure they have a clear understanding of the value of their benefits. It is  important to explain how employee benefits can work best for each member at an individual level.

We provide on-demand member support. This means employees have direct access to a financial advisor at all times.

We provide annual reviews to refresh everyone's understanding and to provide ongoing financial wellness at the highest level. 

So what's the catch? There is none.

  • The basics: Tax relief, payroll integration, online login for members, etc. are all managed in the same way as the existing pension. As high service providers we provide better service going forward, but the fundamental structure remains unchanged. 

  • Fund returns: Data shows that ethical funds perform as well as if not better than traditional funds over the long run. We are happy to work with existing trustees to show how they can enhance their fiduciary duty to members by providing sustainable investment options. 

  • Costs: Depending on the structure of your existing pension, it is likely that Ethico can reduce the direct costs of supplying benefits. We act as a broker and advisor to your organisation, and shop around to get the best options available. Value is an important principle when assessing employee benefits and their outcomes. Ethico is happy to work with finance teams to analyse and find solutions.

  • Hassle free switch: There are some logistics involved in switching from an existing pension, however, as a full service provider we minimise hassle for your H.R and Finance teams. We engage with the existing trustees, manage transfer values, oversee onboarding paperwork, and keep management teams updated on progress as you make the switch for good.

So what next?

Talk to us! Pick up the phone or reach out online. Sustainability in investing is too important to ignore or to put on the long finger. Your organisation can make a genuine difference going forward, without spending any "new money", while improving H.R. K.P.I.'s across the board.


This is a win-win and is the right thing to do for your people, your brand, the planet, and society.  

An Ethico advisor would be delighted to talk you through the basics. 

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