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Refer and earn with Ethico

Refer your clients for assistance with

  • Group pension & Employee benefits

  • Directors pensions and insurances

  • Scope 3 emissions from investments

  • Sustainable investing options

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Free, no-pressure consultations

How it works

1. Refer your clients to Ethico on the form below

2. We will contact your client directly, advise them on the best options available, and put appropriate policies in place.  

3. Once we get paid, we pay you 25% - simple! 

Explainer video

Thanks for submitting! An ethico advisor will contact your referral shortly

Case Study 1

An accountant referred one of their clients (a 12-person engineering company) to get advice on Auto Enrolment and group pensions.

After a consultation and financial planning, the firm went ahead with a group pension and employee benefits for their senior staff.

Ethico got paid €10,000 in fees and commissions for the advice, set-up, and onboarding of the scheme. 


Ethico requested an invoice for service from the referring accountant for €2,500 which was paid straight away.  

Case Study 2

An energy assessor was working with a client on their carbon footprint and sustainability goals. They mentioned sustainable investing and reducing the carbon emitted from pensions. 

After we received the referral and carried out a full review, the client switched their Pensions scheme, Directors Pensions, and updated their Co-directors insurance. 

Ethico got paid €20,000 in fees and commissions for the advice, set-up, and onboarding of the scheme. 

Ethico requested an invoice for service from the referring energy assessor for €5,000 which was paid straight away.  

More details: 

Third party referrals are the most common reason that people and companies speak to financial advisers and set-up financial products. We want to incentivise and encourage this while also allowing you to broaden your income channels from the same client base.


The Central Bank of Ireland have no regulations prohibiting the  practice and in fact it is very common in the financial broker industry. 

We recommend that you inform your clients that you will receive a payment for any business placed from the referral. If we are asked by a client we will fully disclose the details. 

We want to form long term relationships with our referral network, therefore full transparency and prompt payment will be provided. We will notify you if you are owed a payment. 

In the normal course of business, Ethico spend  revenue on advertising,  events, and other marketing channels. We are as happy to pay to affiliate referral partners as we are to advertising companies.   

If you are VAT registered, please make sure to include VAT in the total value of your invoices. Example: a €10,000 invoice to Ethico should be €8,130 plus VAT of 1,870 = €10,000 total.

You can view our Terms of Business here which outlines our fees and charges for individual and corporate clients. 

If you have any queries on the referral program please contact:


Ciarán Hughes - Director 087 171 8086 

Evan Hughes - Director 087 178 3169 

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Why ethico?

Impartial financial advisors

Access to the best providers and funds

Work with individuals and companies

Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

About Us

Ethico is Ireland's only dedicated ethical financial advisors to individual and corporate clients

Partnering with some of the largest fund managers in the world, ethico can guide you to the best outcomes for your future.

Our nationwide team of senior advisors are available to advise and recommend based on your goals and ethical requirements.

With offices in Dublin city centre and Maynooth, we can accommodate individual or corporate meetings and presentations.

We work with

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